Edge of the World
Cliffs recede into the distance at Cape Point in South Africa, the meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian oceans at the continent's southern tip.
Power Structures
A young Liberian boy tosses dried clothes from a rusting electric tower down to his siblings. He lives in West Point, the largest slum in Monrovia, and home to 80,000 Liberians driven here by the the violence of a 14-year civil war.
Together Liberia
Two men arrive at the dock in Cestos, after a day of harvesting firewood to sell.
A woman singing at a small Pentecostal church service held in a Monrovia classroom.
Morning Glow
A lone boat floats in Mossel Bay, South Africa, as the sun rises on a winter morning.
Hanging by Ten
A bodyboarder catches air off a wave in Mossel Bay, South Africa.
Together Liberia
A young girl at her home in Cestos, the capital of Rivercess County, Liberia.
Together Liberia
A woman in the Sinkor neighborhood in Monrovia, Liberia.
Together Liberia
Rabbie Nass, Liberia's foremost reggae artist, near his old apartment in Waterside, Monrovia.
Together Liberia
A man tries to get transportation in Monrovia, Liberia.
Together Liberia
A baby girl looks on from her father's arms at the Sunday service at F.D. Walker Memorial Temple of the Church of Pentecost.
Together Liberia
A man on the street in Bushrod Island, in northern Monrovia, Liberia.
Brassica napus
A sea of canola flowers receives the last rays of sunlight in Swellendam, South Africa.
A canola flower in Swellendam, South Africa sparkles in the morning dew.
A blue-and-gold macaw stares into the camera.
Machinery at a winery in North Carolina.
A surfer rides a wave in Mossel, Bay, South Africa.
A bodyboarder emerges from the waves in Mossel Bay, South Africa.
Little Dipper
A Greater Double-collared Sunbird sips nectar from a coral tree blossom (Erythrina lysistemon) in South Africa.
A meerkat looks up playfully in Plettenburg Bay, South Africa.
Lemur Ball
A troop of ring-tailed lemurs huddle together in a 'lemur ball' for warmth and social bonding.
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